FEPL can put its extensive experience in operations and maintenance to work for you. FEPL provides lubrication services to meet every requirement from oil analysis to lubrication management audits to FEPL managing part or whole of your lubrications requirements

Oil Analysis

Lubricants are the life‐blood of your rotating equipment. In order to keep your equipment running reliably and in peak operating condition, you need to make sure lubricants are in good condition and meet OEM specifications.

FEPL’s lubrication technicians will come to your facility and discuss the conditions of the machinery and the lubricants used. Samples will then be collected and sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. Results usually arrive within five days.

FEPL will help you interpret the results putting them in the context of your equipment and, if necessary, help you investigate the root cause of any anomalies. If there are any red‐flags, FEPL will work with you to fix them immediately. We can help identified areas of improvement, set targets and prescribe methods that will help you achieve them.

FEPL can to provide ongoing oil analysis on an ad hoc basis or as part of your regular maintenance schedule. FEPL can also help you establish or revise your current in‐house sampling procedures.

On Site Lubricant Maintenance

The best preventative care for any rotating equipment is excellent lubrication management. FEPL lubrication technicians can provide you on‐site expert service that you can rely on every time.

Services can be provided on an ad hoc basis or at regularly scheduled intervals as per your requirement.


FEPL can provide any combination of the following services –

Lubricant Procurement

Source the best quality lubricants to meet ISO and OEM specification from the most reliable suppliers at the best rates.

Routine Lubrication Maintenance

Check lubricant levels, top up oil levels, greasing, perform standard oil changes, change filters, running temperature checks, etc .

Oil Analysis

Take oil samples, analyze by independent lab, and interpret results to provide meaningful and actionable information.

Oil Purification

Purify lube oils using state-of-the- art gas sparging / air stripping to remove particulates gasses and water (free, emulsified water and dissolved).

New Equipment Lubrication

Handle the lubrication of new equipment from installation to final testing to ensure a trouble-free commissioning.

Contaminant Investigation

Perform a root cause analysis to find out how and where contamination has occurred, ascertain the damage and recommend solutions.

FEPL can also provide equipment on rental. This includes our full line of BlazeFlow oil purification systems.

Lubrication Management Audit

For companies that are looking to overhaul their lubrication management procedures, or simply looking to increase their performance, FEPL can provide you an independent audit that will help you improve the performance of your facility.

Step 1 – Identify Areas for Evaluation

Every plant is different. FEPL works with you to understand what the challenges are, what the evaluation needs to focus on, and what the desired outcomes are.

Areas of Focus

Lubrication Standards and Procurement

Review how standards are set for facility lubricants, how lubricants are purchased and best practices for consolidating and rationalizing lubricants.

Storage and Handling

Evaluate how the facility’s lubricants are stored and the procedures of how those lubricants are handled when distributed for use.

Contamination Control

Evaluate contaminant exposure (air borne particulates and water), including cross contamination, initial fill procedures and contamination control methods.

Data And Feedback Systems

Investigate what metrics are generated, how data and feedback is collected, and how it is used by management to optimize facility reliability and performance.

Policies and Procedures

Step-by-step review of all policies and procedures to make sure they are in line with industry best practices and relevant to your goals.

Safety Practices

Evaluate existing safety procedures and goals, with a strong emphasis on ensuring that all safety measures are being properly enforced and practiced day‐to‐day.

Step 2 – Audit Execution

With a full understanding of what your needs are, FEPL develops an audit plan including timetables and personnel requirements. The audit is then executed with the facility personnel participating at every stage of the evaluation.

FEPL collects as much possible hard data including pervious performance data, its own baseline and follow-up data from equipment, as well as soft data from observations of the facility, personnel activities and personnel interviews.

Step 3 – Report and Roadmap

After the audit is complete FEPL provides a full report that provides a thorough understanding of where the plant is and a road map to help it achieve significant improvements. There are any number of companies that provide these types of services. Most of these companies provide textbook solutions that are ill fitted to your situation or cost prohibitive.

FEPL staff have decades of experience in the field and knows what works and what doesn’t. They provide you with practical, actionable solutions that will help you realize the established goals. As the roadmap is implemented, FEPL will continue to work with you to maintain and reassess, making sure that the goals you have set are realized and sustained.

Oil Mist System Evaluation

If you don’t have an oil mist lubrication system, we can perform a full plant analysis that provides you with all the information you need to decide if an oil mist lubrication system is right for you. This includes determining which oil mist system is best for you, outlining equipment requirements, designing an installation execution plan, and a cost‐benefit analysis.

Comprehensive Lubrication Management

If you are a small organization or simply want to focus on your core areas of expertise, FEPL can take care all of your lubrication requirements.

Initially, we will perform a full Lubrication Management Audit so that we have a full understanding of your systems and a baseline from which our performance can be evaluated going forward.

FEPL will then work with you to identify any areas of improvement and put in place a comprehensive roadmap to help us get there.

Once everything is in place, FEPL will provide you with a detailed scope of work, schedule of work and report metrics.

Reports based on designed metrics will be filed monthly or as otherwise specified by you. Quarterly personnel meetings are recommended. Maintenance records will always be available on sight.

FEPL always strives to maintain complete transparency regarding its activities and its charges.

Training and Training Programs

It doesn’t matter how good your equipment is or how thorough your policies and procedures. If your personnel don’t have the right training, the end results will be poor. FEPL understands this and is here to provide your team the necessary knowledge and skills to keep your equipment working at peak performance.

Training Classes

FEPL can conduct onsite and offsite classes that will educate your staff on the importance of proper lubrications and the best practices of lubrication management.

We provide training in areas such as:

  • Lubricant handling and storage
  • Adding, topping off and re‐lubrication of equipment
  • Oil sampling
  • Identifying and eliminating contamination
  • Safety

Evaluation of Your Training Program

FEPL can evaluate your current training programs. We will evaluate your training material to make sure it is up to date and presents the industries best practices. We will observe your classes and in‐field training to make sure the material is being presented in a manner that personnel can easily understand and apply.

FEPL can also train your trainers to help promote a more engaging style of learning and results based evaluation of what was learned.

24 Hour Field Assistance

Day or night, it’s never good when a system exceeds normal operating range, or worse, shuts down.

FEPL is always available to consult on any issue regarding a lubrication system whether it was set up by FEPL or not.

If the site is not located near one of our offices, the team will begin to trouble shoot the problem while our field staff take the first flight to get to your location.